Benefits of Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket can make the person sleep instantly as it pampers the person every night with peaceful sleep. A weighted blanket is a proven solution for all sleep disorders, restlessness, anxiety, and more. It has a potential for all types of people, as it can therapeutically benefit people who have high stress or coping up with any medical condition. 

When a person is anxious or depressed, there is always a need for a soothing sleep and a regular sleep cycle. The weighted blanket ensures that a person is able to get adequate hours of peaceful sleep. 

A weighted blanket is a lot more than a regular blanket as it comes with an ample amount of benefits for adults and children. This premium blanket can give a feeling of being swaddled, held, or hugged. 


Here are a few conditions that weighted blankets can help children and adults with:

Anxiety and depression

Everybody experiences anxiety or depression at some point in life. A person can be anxious or depressed due to a heavy workload, hectic schedule, or medical conditions. It is all about a feeling of uneasiness and worry. 

Anxiety and depression can negatively impact the sleep cycle, and it’s a fact that when a person is stressed, his/her heart experiences a surge in the heartbeat rate. When anything like this happens there is always a need to lower the heartbeat rate to make the person feel calm. 

As an effective solution to this, the pressure from a weighted blanket can bring serenity by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and it lowers the heartbeat rate when you’re stressed. 

All you need is a feeling of utter calmness and a peaceful sleep which a weighted blanket can provide. 

Sleep Disorders or Insomnia

Are you struggling while sleeping? If you find yourself changing sides and tossing/turning in bed frequently, then it’s not at all a serious problem, it is something that happens with millions of people in the world. This is what we consider sleep disorders i.e., issues in achieving comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder for many people around. It can be acute or chronic, the former lasts for a few days or weeks whereas the latter can persist for months or years. 


Insomnia is associated with a variety of mental and physical health problem. To prevent or combat this, a good sleep of seven hours is required. Thus, the weighted blanket can be a natural remedy to sleep disorders like Insomnia as it can provide an improved quality of night sleep to the sufferer.

There is an effective and efficacious solution for sleep disorders, which is a weighted blanket. A lot more than a regular blanket, this weighted blanket is an amazing pathway to an instant and soothing sleep cycle. This can provide an overall sense of calm to the body.

Weighted blanket exerts a certain amount of adequate pressure that prepares your body for rest by calming your heart rate and breathing, the blanket helps your body to calm down and get enough sleep so that you can wake up with a refreshed feeling.

Autism and ADHD

The weighted blanket is beneficial for many diseases like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and more. 

Dr. Levinson explained that “when someone has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), social interaction can be hard for them. This can lead to anxiety and stress, as well as make it harder to function in school, the workplace, and in public situations. It can impact their learning, as well as their relationships with friends and family”.

All the above symptoms (or somewhat similar to them) can be resolved with the help of a weighted blanket because of its incredible features incorporating soft feel, hypoallergenic and natural fabric, the glass beads inside the blanket make it different from any other regular blanket. The weighted blanket can make the person sleep faster than usual with great comfort and allow him/her to relax with a much-needed peaceful sleep cycle.  

The regular use of weighted blanket can restore the circadian rhythm of the body thats concerned with the 24-hour cycle of physical, mental and behavioural chnges in the human body. 

As per the study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders (PDF) the use of weighted blanket is really effective. The study draws a conclusion that, “The weighted chain blanket used in the present study had a positive impact on sleep, both objectively and subjectively, where a number of physiological and behavioral measures were improved during weighted blanket use. When the participants used the weighted blanket, they had a calmer night’s sleep, with a decrease in movements.”


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