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  • Oeko-TEX Certified

    Oeko-TEX certified Bamboo fabrics guarantee the safety and quality standards for all manufactured products.

  • Restless pillow
    High Quality Materials

    Premium blankets created from the highest quality raw materials for an uncompromising lifestyle and super cozy sleep.

  • Mental Wellbeing
    Mental Wellbeing

    Mysasleep Weighted blankets helps in reducing stress, anxiety and help fighting insomnia.

  • Carbon Neutral

    The products are eco-friendly and made from sustainably sourced raw materials.

Mysasleep Weighted Blankets

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Mysasleep Features

How are Mysasleep products rejuvenating / relaxing?


Premium Fabrics
We use sustainable fabrics that include TencelTM, Bamboo & Cotton.


Breathable Fabric
Lightweight fabric layers surround the weighted glass beads for maximum comfort.


Non-glue Polyester Wadding
Softens the blanket and prevents the glass beads from leaking.


High-density Glass Beads
Non-toxic, odorless glass beads provide even weight across the blanket.



Helps in the release of Dopamine and Serotonin, thus promoting a happier mood

Enhances calmness and helps in better focus by creating a better sleeping experience

Relieves painful fibromyalgia, travel anxiety and helps in controlling problems such as panic disorders and PTSD symptoms

Enables easement of Restless Legs Syndrome. As well as helps easing OCD symptoms and Autism symptoms




Relieves anxiety and stress
Feels soft and cool to touch
Constructed with soft
premium Fabric
Unique 7-layer design
Available in different options

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