Everything you need to know about a Weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets in India are not a new invention. They have been around for over a century but have only gained popularity in the last few years because of the growing number of people who suffer from extreme discomfort, stress, tension, and various disorders.

weighted blanket india

A weighted blanket is usually made of different fabrics and is a lot more than a regular blanket. The weighted blanket is not any regular blanket, they are heavier in weight unlike regular blankets and also filled with glass beads. 

Weighted blankets use Deep Pressure Therapy as they generally weigh somewhat between 5-30 pounds (*approx. 2.5-14 kgs). The deep pressure therapy concept is that a weighted blanket exerts some pressure on the body because of the filling of glass beads filler inside it. 

The weight serves to calm you down and make you feel warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer.

The weighted blankets are premium blankets that provide extreme comfort and enhance the sleep experience.

How to calculate the ideal weight of the weighted blanket?

One of the important concerns when selecting a weighted blanket is its weight and size.

The best way to estimate the appropriate weight of the blanket is the 10 percent thumb rule.

The rule explains that a weighted blanket should weigh 8-10% of the person’s body weight. 

Refer to the size guide for better guidance and help. 

Sharing a weighted blanket is caring, right?

We are always taught “sharing is caring” but not always. Especially when it comes to sharing a weighted blanket.

Weighted blanket for couple

Sharing a weighted blanket is not restricted but there is a suggestion that only King size weighted blankets can be shared.

If you still wish to share then you might not be able to embrace the benefits exclusively. Not one but both the sharers would feel less comfort and relaxation while using the blanket.

We don’t want you to be “just readers”, we would like you to experience all the benefits that are quoted and associated with a weighted blanket. 

Enjoy extreme comfort, calmness, and serenity with any of the King-size weighted blankets if you prefer sharing a weighted blanket while sleeping.    

Choosing the best fabric for your weighted blanket

Fabric matters a lot for skin and body comfort. If the fabric is not suitable then the usage of the weighted blanket will be hampered.

All weighted blanket options

We have a wide variety of antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabrics in weighted blankets:

Cotton Weighted Blanket uses cotton fabric which is produced from cotton. The fabric is made of soft fiber extracted from the seeds of the cotton plant. Cotton fabrics are sturdy, yet soft and comfortable to touch. It's also considered a breathable fabric because it allows your body to breathe even when it's hot outside. 

Bamboo Muslin Weighted Blanket uses bamboo fabric made from bamboo pulp and has natural properties that make it a great choice for a weighted blanket. It is the softest eco-friendly fabric, making it the perfect fabric choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and sustainable weighted blanket.

*The Bamboo Muslin weighted blankets are discontinued for now.

Bamboo Viscose Weighted Blanket is curated out of bamboo viscose fabric, made from the cellulose of bamboo. The fabric is breathable and has an amazing moisture-wicking property. 

This 100% cooling fabric is great at releasing moisture and heat from the body. Undoubtedly, in addition to some great properties, this fabric composes high stretchability and silky texture.

Besides a little more cost this fabric is most opted in the weighted blankets due to its quality, comfort, and cooling property.

Bamboo Rayon Weighted Blanket is made of a natural bamboo rayon fabric that possesses properties for skin protection and comfort. 

This fabric is extremely absorbent with great wicking qualities. The sublimely soft fabric is exclusively antibacterial or antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. This cooling blanket is suitable for both hot and cold weather. 

Tencel Weighted Blanket is manufactured using Tencel fabric, which is made from the pulp of the eucalyptus plant which is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly. The Tencel weighted blanket is a cooling blanket that is convenient for different weather conditions.

Tencel is soft to the touch and feel, doesn’t irritate the skin, and helps in achieving long-lasting comfort. 

Microfiber Weighted Blanket is curated using microfiber, a blend of polyester and nylon fibers, that are processed to be broken down into strands as small as 1/100th the diameter of human hair. 

These fibers are then woven into products such as cloth or more, which then can be used for making other products like blankets.

All the above-mentioned weighted blankets are best suited for AC equipped environment. But the cooling weighted blankets can be used even in hot weather. 

Treat yourself with the most suitable, skin-friendly, and comfortable weighted blanket from the collection. 

Best filler for your weighted blanket

Glass beads as a filler are best for weighted blankets, weighted quilts, weighted comforters, & more. 

These Smooth, small spherical glass beads are somewhat eco-friendly. A great option for filler alternative to poly plastic pellets.

Glass beads are a type of filler that is breathable and evenly distributed in a blanket, making them perfect for keeping you warm. 

Glass beads filling

The weight of the glass exerts an amount of pressure that calms and relaxes the body. This filler is the best for weighted blankets because it enhances the therapeutic quality of the blanket.  

Weighted blankets for kids, safe or unsafe?

Weighted blankets are perfect for kids because it helps them relax and reduce anxiety. But it needs to be used under parents' guidance so that they can use the weighted blanket correctly.

Children should be encouraged to use the weighted blanket on their own, they should be observed. Once they are able to manage the blanket, they can use it and avail the benefits.

Kids weighted blankets

Weighted Blankets for kids are the perfect gift for a child to walk around with at bedtime or when falling asleep. The weighted blanket makes your child feel safe, secure, and loved – it is like all in one package for kids' safety and comfort!

Kids should be provided with weighted blankets that are relevant to their body size and weight. 

We have curated weighted blankets based on different weight and size options for kids.

In addition to being therapeutic, the weighted blankets are very beneficial for kids suffering from sleep disorders, autism, ADHD, etc. 

Management of weighted blankets is always a topmost concern for children, so as per safety assurance if children are not comfortable then it shouldn't be included in their bedding.

Covering a weighted blanket is wise!

A weighted blanket is for comfort and stress relief, the way we need comfort every day the blanket should also be protected on an everyday basis. This can easily be done by covering the weighted blanket with a duvet cover. 

Machine Washing a weighted blanket is not possible and advised, so to manage a weighted blanket covering it is the best solution.

Duvet covers for weighted blanket

A duvet blanket hinders the blanket to come in contact with dust, dirt, and more. Our wide range of product collection some amazing duvet covers including:

Like if we consider the Minky Weighted Blanket cover. It is a removable Minky fabric duvet cover for weighted blankets made of ultra-soft Minky fabric to keep you cozy and comfortable while you rest.

It is always better to protect the blanket by spending a little more, ultimately, to save your investment in the weighted blanket.

How to maintain a weighted blanket?

There is nothing tough in maintaining a weighted blanket, as it cannot be machine or hand washed frequently. 

Every fabric or material has its own care and safety instructions. based on that a product can be maintained easily. 

For almost all the weighted blankets, the instruction is to dry clean the blanket at home, as and when required. Regular washing can affect the quality of fabric and the product.   

For more information, read through the guide provided with the respective product or weighted blanket. 

Here is why you can trust us and our weighted blankets! 

Weighted blankets are a type of hypoallergenic and therapeutic blanket that provides great comfort, relaxation and improves sleep patterns. 

Weighted blankets are also beneficial for people dealing with several disorders including autism, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

The unique 7-layer design gives so much relief and also the blanket is skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, and eco-friendly.

Weighted blanket 7 layers design

The weight in a weighted blanket is meant to exert an appropriate amount of pressure on the body which in turn increases the production of serotonin hormone; a hormone that enhances the feeling of happiness and calmness. 

We, at Mysasleep, try to serve you with the best and exclusive manufacturing from scratch in India itself. We respect, support, idealize and work towards the ideology of Made In India.



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